Chuck & Doug's Blog - Feb 11

Day Two at the Games involved getting our equipment organized and then off to the Opening Ceremony!

The first job was no easy task!  Our guns and skis were to be stored in a lock up unit four blocks from the hotel.  First trip there to learn we had to get keys issued at Mission.  Second trip there to learn our unit was empty - yikes!  Third trip there to check the Yukon bin for our equipment, but it was not in there either.  Other helpful coaches relayed in messages that it our gear was at the venue for some reason; guns are to be locked up at all times!  Fourth trip there to meet the bus and put the rifles in the unit!  Time involved finding the gear - 6 hours!  Back just  in time for the coaches meeting.

The Opening Ceremonies were fabulous!  Great time marching in on TSN2!  After climbing to our seats, we were entertained with a variety of musicians and dancers from Nova Scotia.  It was a top notch opening - see the pictures in the link called photo gallery!  Everyone was very proud to be representing Hay River and the NWT!

Tomorrow is an official training day.  Boys breakfast at 5:30 and girls at 8:30.  Coaches up at 4:45 AM every morning, with Paul and Gail on the 5:30 AM bus.  It is an hour by bus to Martock.  Doug with the boys and Chuck with the girls to follow.  We have to walk to the unit to get the rifles and then catch the bus at 7:00 and 10:00 respectively.  Looking forward to seeing the trails and getting ready for Sunday's individual race!